When I visited the home of my mother’s Swedish ancestors in Finland several years ago, I sat at my Great Grandmother Jacobson’s loom and wove my first rug. I knew at once that weaving is in my genes and couldn’t wait to get my own loom.

I was fortunate to buy the loom a fellow alpaca owner was willing to sell - a twenty harness Macomber floor loom. Then I bought a table-top loom from a neighbor which I took to the Ag Expo and let people try out weaving. Someone asked if I teach weaving, and I thought, why not?

Now, I have over 18 different looms in the studio and have taught many children and adults to weave. It is as much of a joy to see the creations others make as it is to do my own weaving.

After teaching 4-h weavers for eight years, my studio seemed to shrink – too many kids, too many looms, too much yarn, not enough room, so in the fall of 2017 I had my tiny studio enlarged. It is beautiful now with plenty of room for all the looms and weavers.

Weaving lessons are available.  I have alpaca raw fiber, rovings, and yarn for sale to.

Contact me for more information. 970-882-4593

The library corner with books on not only weaving, but spinning, knitting, sewing, quilting, and many more.

The new Weaver’s Studio
Weaving Studio Gate
The big new work table


Some of the looms I use for teaching.
In the corner is my sewing center.
The shop with yarn, rovings, and woven items for sale. The South American doll is not for sale, but she adds a certain ambiance.


Inkle looms, spinning wheels, yarn, tools
The library
A weaving student

Price List and Contact Information